'Odd-Rock': A particular rock structure that is the base for all of our outdoor adventures.


     I started this company in the fall of 2014 after tossing out yet another wax/sand encrusted board sock.  I was tired of throwing my new boards into a filthy piece of terry cloth and even more fed up with awkwardly wrestling them out before a session.  We deserve better....So I set out (with no sewing experience) and scrapped together a few prototypes  that were pretttyyyy rough around the edges and just kept at it, always making the next product better with better fabrics and better stitching.  And of course, its always great designing new custom goods like backpacks, snowboard bags, laptop cases, fishing pole holders, duffle bags, sporting equipment and pretty much anything else we can help you out with.


    I can't even tell you how proud I am of what this company is doing.  OddRock is still a home grown company that's starting to produce the best in surf and outdoor gear.  We work with the highest quality of goods, highest quality of US manufacturers, local t shirt printers, local artists, and many more.  All products are guaranteed to last - we are more than happy to fix or replace anything !


Dean Damore Founder