Pronounced 'Odd-Rock': A  particular rock/reef structure that causes a wave to pitch and break.


     "I started OddRock in the fall of 2014 after tossing out yet another wax/sand encrusted board sock.  I was tired of throwing my new boards into a filthy piece of terry cloth and even more fed up with awkwardly wrestling them out before a session.  We surfers deserve better....


    So I searched through the textile hubs of the Northeast until I found the best fabrics ready to withstand everyday surf search abuse.


OddRock is constantly working with local artists to design prints that suit the individual tastes of our ever-growing surf community.  We are also working on a full line of American, Australian, Hawaiian, Brazilian, and French flag surfboard bags so competitors everywhere can show support for their hometown!


   I am so proud of what OddRock brings to the table.  We strive for the best and having our goods made here in the USA ensures a quality that you can't find anywhere else,"


Dean Damore

OddRock Owner